A Solution Just One App Away


What is FUTURZE?
FUTURZE helps to connect oil and gas organisations, petrochemicals, constructions to individuals and jobseekers of the industry in a more systematic approach where everything you need is integrated into one platform.


FUTURZE eliminates the need for paper-based records and multiple databases. Futurze guides users to develop their career paths.


Who can use FUTURZE?
Organisations and Individuals looking to reach a more specific network of people.

FUTURZE bridges the gap between employers, users and jobseekers by facilitating the search and connection through a single platform.


Platform - With award-winning interactive user interface and track record of achievements and trade information in oil and gas industry, petrochemicals and construction.
FUTURZE provides the best in user experience and strive for excellent results.
Community - FUTURZE allows for users to post and share daily activities record, skills, achievements, , authentic experience with site endorsements and employment history.
Personalization – Users will be able to personalize their viewing experience to evaluate and compare their performance. Each user is authenticated; thus our content will specifically be targeted to our users’ personal enhancement viewing habits for a more improved user experience.
Personal Career and Company Development – FUTURZE app deploys the latest technologies to enable interactive browsing to create a personalized updating/viewing experience. Users can drag and drop Daily Activity Record (DAR), Project Team Achievement (PTA), Evidences of Competencies, Credentials, Certifications, Awards, Experiences, Organisation’s achievements and Projects Execution to be shared to their potential partner, employer or client on their profiles. Users may also share in a private table and from a friend to another.
Premium Access - Premium access for trade organisations is available with a monthly subscription. Added features include but not limited to contact directory, advertising job vacancies, developing and maintaining of company profile, storing data and track record of employees, project experience, and advanced filtering to reach specific network of people.
Global Distribution - Stay connected within the industry with FUTURZE's unique and interactive features, cost effective and efficient marketing methods of your products, expertise and capabilities to reach global standards.